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American Journalism: Summer 2011 Review

  • From the Summer 2011 edition of American Journalism: A Journal of Media History
  • Preview: “Much of the academic research about the press’s coverage of the sordid Watergate scandal of the 1970s concludes that journalism had little influence in the  all of President Nixon. In the bigger picture, historian Stanley Kutler, journalism historian Michael Schudson, and others have argued, at most the press kept pressure on government officials to do something. Jon Marshall credibly disagrees.”
  • “Marshall provides an excellent history of investigative journalism and contributes to the scholarly literature a new appreciation for the press’s performance during the Watergate scandal”

Journal of American History: December 2011 Review

  • From the December 2011 edition of the Journal of American History
  • Preview: “Nearly forty years after the Watergate break-in, the legacy of that scandal continues to cast a shadow on politics and the press in Washington, D.C. How did this happen? What role did journalism play in President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation? What changes in investigative reporting preceded and followed Watergate? And what does this portend for the future? These are the questions addressed in this lucid, well-researched book.”
  • “Using an impressive array of primary and secondary sources, Marshall has written the best history of American investigative journalism to date”
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